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Vertical Flight Ops

  • Graphical display of flights and maintenance
  • Horizontal or vertical display
  • 30+ aircraft visible on two adjacent 21-inch monitor screens
  • Up to 32 weeks of flying are visible
  • View and edit in any time zone
  • SITA & ATC messages automatically update the database
  • Plan and estimated/actual times shown
  • 'What if' scenarios
  • Colour coded screen to highlight present and future events
  • Aircraft may be reordered for comparisons
  • Import of forecast passenger figures from reservations
  • Export of sectors with passenger figures to flight planning
  • Full range of editing features
  • Automatic checking of changes for roster violations

Operations Control
The Acrobat Flight Ops System is based around a single graphical tool giving access to flight, maintenance, aircraft and station information. In addition, the use of our own screen, report and menu generators enables us to interface exactly to the user's needs.

A major part of the system is a graphical display of the flying programme and maintenance periods showing both scheduled and actual times. The display can be orientated horizontally or vertically and scaled to suit. The amount of information displayed on each sector is dependant on the scale selected. Extra information is provided when the cursor hovers over sectors or aircraft. Visual indicators highlight aircraft with operational defects, station discontinuities and flights with positioning crew. Visibility is excellent with up to 20 aircraft visible on a single 21-inch monitor in horizontal mode and 30+ aircraft displayed on two adjacent 21-inch monitors in a vertical arrangement. Up to 32 weeks of flying can be fetched and viewed in the scrolling display.

There are powerful and intuitive editing features for flights and maintenance. Flights can be allocated to a different aircraft and the order aircraft rearranged by 'drag and drop'. All details about a flight can be easily retrieved and amended. All editing operations can be removed and reapplied (undo/redo). You can choose to view and edit in any time zone at run-time.

All sector changes are checked for clashes with other sectors or maintenance. If the turnaround time for the aircraft is violated the user is presented with a list of sectors that must be shunted in order to maintain a minimum separation.

Station and aircraft information
The system provides conveniently accessible information about the physical characteristics of aircraft and contact information for stations.  The aircraft information includes details of the airframe, engines, fuel, instrumentation, weights and faults. Station contact information includes details of handling agents, fuel suppliers and engineering support.

SITA messages
Aircraft movement data is automatically updated from SITA messages. This can include times (actual/estimated), passenger figures, freight, fuel and delay information (codes and times). ATC messages (slot, flight plan acknowledgement) also update the database.

Forecast passenger numbers can be imported from reservations. The passenger numbers can be broken down by males, females, children and infants with number of bags and bag weight. Sectors with this passenger breakdown can exported to flight planning.


Maintenance checks
Multiple user defined checks can stored for each aircraft. Each check is defined by hours and days/months or just months from last check. The aircraft hours are automatically calculated and summarized for fast access. The graphical display shows hours for each aircraft as a total or those remaining to check.

Flight following
Shows your route network on a scrolling world map with multiple zoom levels. From a simple display of great-circle routes to planned and actual routes with aircraft positions.

Designed for the fast and reliable generation of quotes in the business jet market. Allowing you to give the client a price during the first phone call.

Sector notes
A list of text notes can be added to every sector. Notes can be flagged as important causing the sector to highlighted on the graphical display. A checklist can be preset on every sector for standard notes. The user, date and time is recorded with every change.

'What if' scenarios
The system can store alternative scenarios which can be designed to address existing or potential problems. A scenario can be displayed and checked for accuracy and legality and used to update the database if desired.

A variety of reports aid in the recording and analysis of aircraft movements and maintenance. These include reports on flights, punctuality, delay statistics, fuel, load factors and unavailability. 

The Acrobat Flight Ops system is completely integrated with our Acrobat Crew Management and Acrobat Crew Records systems, sharing the same database of flight and crew data. Crewing considerations/consequences of aircraft delays or changes are rapidly displayed via a separate read-only version of the display.

The visibility of aircraft registrations can be toggled in a separate planning version. This allows the standard display to concentrate on the aircraft currently in operation, hiding those that are being leased or undergoing maintenance.