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Sector Editor

  • Simple and efficient entry of crew roster lines
  • Rosters checked for legality as they are entered
  • Graphical display and editing of flights
  • Extensive personal database including skills and promotions
  • Confirmation of actual flight times and crew hours
  • Flying and duty hours automatically calculated
  • Legal and user-defined expiries
  • Dozens of reports covering all aspects of crew management
  • Rule violation and discretion report management
  • Legal and company hard and soft rules obeyed
  • Full audit trail of all roster changes
  • Security maintained by password access to all parts of system
  • Upgrade path to our full crew management system

Acrobat - the flexible airline management systems
Acrobat airline systems are so flexible and adaptable that each user airline feels that it has its own tailor-made system. And what is more, the flexibility enables us to change and adapt the systems, keeping pace with your needs in an ever-changing world.

The Acrobat Crew Records System contains all the features needed for the efficient management of the airline and the satisfaction of the regulatory authorities.

Acrobat's database contains the rules which are necessary for checking the legality of crew members' rosters. We supply the system pre-installed with a full set of the rules that you use. There are data-entry screens to enable you to change the rules, should you wish to do so.

With Acrobat's Sector Editor it's easy to add or modify flight sectors. The graphical display with 'drag and drop' editing and pop-up text entry dialogs makes light work of keeping your flying programme up-to-date.

Personal Data
Acrobat's database holds all the necessary information about each crew member including:

  basic data such as name, address, gender, nationality, date of birth and phone numbers
  personal skills such as foreign language speaking and nursing qualifications
  professional skills such as the types of aircraft operated and trainers' qualifications
  a complete record of promotions - changes of rank, base or fleet
  a record of all courses taken and the dates when they need to be renewed

Roster Entry
Acrobat Crew Records makes entering roster lines as easy as ABC. Just one press of a mouse button adds a flight sector to a roster and, instantly, a fresh list of sectors which can follow appears on the screen. Standbys, leave and days off too can be selected from an on-screen lists. You can copy sections of roster from one crew member to another to save entering the same data twice.

You can ask Acrobat to check the legality of what has been entered at any time and a list of any problems appears on the screen.


Flying and duty hours totals for any period can be printed or viewed on screen whenever you wish. They are always derived from the current state of the roster and cannot be out of date. You can set thresholds so that you only see the crew whose hours within the range you have chosen.

Rule Violations and Discretion
Acrobat's Violation report lists all cases of rule violations and provides you with a convenient method of chasing up and recording Discretion Reports.

Flight Reports, Voyage Reports and Journey Logs
Whatever you call them, Acrobat Crew Records makes the task of confirming the flight times and crew hours both painless and error-free. You just enter a flight number and a date and the sectors and crew members who were on board appear on your screen. All you have to do is enter the data from the Flight Report which is different from that which is on the screen. When you finish a batch, Acrobat prints a list of those for which Discretion reports are required.

Acrobat Crew Records contains a sub-system which enables you to devise and maintain your own records of checks and expiry dates. You can set the title of the check, the method of calculating its expiry and specify whether or not the expiry date should appear on the crew members' rosters. Upcoming expiries can be highlighted in the Roster Editor and assignment of flight sectors prevented once a check has expired.

Each Acrobat user has a unique username and a password which is known only to him or her. Moreover, each user has an authority level which determines which parts of the system he or she can use. So, for example, you can restrict access to the contents of un-published rosters.

Acrobat maintains an audit trail of all changes to roster and flight data. The records show what was changed, when it was changed and who did it.

Crew Management
The Acrobat Crew Records system is a subset of the Acrobat Crew Management system. The full crew management system extends the records system to include generation of patterns/pairings and automatic rostering.