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Roster Editor

  • Flexible and adaptable crew management system
  • Graphical display and editing of rosters, pairings and flights
  • Efficient, labour saving tools for pairing generation
  • Language and non-standard crew requirements catered for
  • Crew's preferences taken into account
  • Automatic generation of fair and efficient rosters
  • Manual rostering of smaller fleets
  • Popular and unpopular duties shared evenly
  • Style rules allow users to control roster content
  • Legal and company hard and soft rules obeyed
  • Hotel, airlining and taxi requirements calculated
  • Roster changes checked for legality and stored in an audit trail
  • Range of reports to assist day to day staff

Acrobat =
utomatic crew roster building and tracking
"Acrobat" was chosen with this system in mind, our software originated in this field and we have carried the acronym forward to all our systems.

Acrobat Crew Management is a rule based roster building and tracking system which gives control over the content and style of the crew's work schedules. In addition, the use of our own screen, report and menu generators enables us to interface exactly to the user's needs.

Roster Planning
Rosters are planned by constructing pairings (patterns) and assigning then to crew members. The system can automatically generate pairings and also accept pairings made manually. Pairings may include dead-heads, as well as ground duties. Language speakers and non-standard crew requirements can be specified by the user. Standby duties can be generated based on pre-determined standby requirements.

Pairings are combined with pre-assigned duties leave and days off to produce a complete roster. Crew may be based at more than one location. Category substitution (using a senior person to do the work of a junior) is permitted as a user option. Numbers of new crew flying together can be limited. Crew hours can be balanced. Hotel reservations, ground and airline transportation requirements can be calculated. Flights to desirable/undesirable locations can be shared equally among qualified crews. Special rest requirements before/after certain duties can be provided. Stable sleep patterns can be protected by means of special 'roster flow' rules as a user option. Users are able to control the content of the rosters by means of  'style' rules.

Roster Control
Acrobat Crew Management has facilities for identifying and tackling crew problems due to revised schedules, delays, cancellations or other operating problems. 

The system can receive up-to-date estimated and actual event timings and produce lists of current and projected problems. Rosters are checked for legality when flights are retimed or delayed.

Acrobat Crew Management can provide lists of crew, sequenced according to suitability, to assist controllers in deciding problem-solving strategies. The system allows the construction and evaluation of alternative strategies. A roster editor provides a powerful tool for implementing roster changes.

Roster changes are automatically printed and transmitted to crews by email, fax or other means at the user's option. An audit trail of all roster changes, including any roster violations, is maintained. Crew must acknowledge the changes and a list of un-acknowledged changes is maintained.

Crew Records
The actual timings of all flights and duties, rest periods, days off and leave are recorded. Weekly, monthly and annual totals are maintained. In addition, crew's training history is stored and expiry dates are calculated.

The Acrobat Crew Management system is built upon and completely integrated with our Acrobat Crew Records system. All the facilities from the records system are available within the full crew management system.


Airline Tickets
Details of airline tickets for crew can be automatically imported by processing Amadeus Interface Record (AIR) files [accounting version]. All the tickets for a crew member are listed together by matching the crew email address from the ticket. The user can choose to add both outbound and/or return legs along with ground positioning to get the crew member from/to his/her home base.

Fatigue Analysis
Our software can interface directly with the System for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation (SAFE) program by giving feedback of when crew are outside a preset alertness threshold. A more detailed display of the fatigue on exported rosters is available within the SAFE website.

APIS and e-Borders
Acrobat Crew Management can automatically make transmissions to the [US] Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) and [UK] e-Borders. A Flight Crew Manifest (FCM) is sent for every sector which crosses the border of a country using the system. In addition a Master Crew List (MCL) is maintained for all crew members under APIS.

Crew Briefing
Crew can easily report for duties through briefing terminals at the airport or online via a web browser. Warnings are issued for crew who fail to report. Roster changes, newly issued rosters and crew messages can also be obtained and their receipt acknowledged.

Crew Requests
Crew can choose requested days-off online via a web browser. They simply have to tick days in a calendar which includes days marked for leave and other pre-assigned duties. Limits can be set on the number of days that can be requested according to rank, fleet and base with certain dates excluded altogether. Crew can also designate their willingness to work on days-off and prevent changes (ring-fence/block-window) certain duties (if these rules apply). The crew member simply has to tick the appropriate box shown next to the day/duty in their roster.

Cosmic Radiation
Crew's exposure to cosmic radiation can be monitored. Radiation values calculated for sectors can be imported from the CARI program. Total exposure for crew can then be calculated and tracked.

Crew Allowances
The comprehensive crew record data can be used in the calculation of crew allowances. Current options include the use of duty or flying time away from base and mileage flown. Data can be supplied to other systems (such as payroll if required).

Flight Operations
The Acrobat Crew Management system is completely integrated with our Acrobat Flight Ops system, sharing the same database of flight and crew data. Operations changes, such as aircraft delays, are rapidly displayed and checked for any crewing considerations/consequences.