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Our software runs under either the Oracle Solaris or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or derivative) operating system of one or more servers using an Oracle RDBMS. You can connect PCs to the servers over the network by using a free client program.

Acrobat requires an Oracle Solaris or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) installation. Linux distributions that are based on RHEL are also possible, we recommend Oracle Linux. The installation can be a new standalone server or a virtual server sharing resources on existing hardware. A server can range from a single processor workgroup server to a multi-processor enterprise server. The workload can be spread across several servers for increased performance and reliability. 

The server should be covered by a maintenance contract to ensure any hardware failure is fixed promptly. We recommend on-site hardware support from the server manufacturer.

Each Acrobat user needs a license to use the Oracle database which is embedded within the Acrobat system. As Oracle Partners, we are able to supply Oracle licences either on a named user or processor basis. An annual support fee is also payable based on a percentage of the initial licence. 

You can use PCs as terminals to Acrobat but you will need a client program to connect to the Acrobat server. Free VNC client software is available from several suppliers such as the RealVNC Viewer.

Network printers are the most reliable method of printing from Acrobat. A laser printer is the main requirement. In addition a wide carriage dot-matrix printer can also be useful for printing landscape reports. Laser printers must be capable of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) printer control language (PCL) as found in the HP LaserJet series. Dot-matrix printers must be capable of the EPSON printer control language (ESC/P).


Acrobat Pricing
We have two pricing deals: monthly rental and perpetual licence. The price of the modules varies according to the degree of customisation required.

Monthly Rental
The rental deal is suitable for smaller airlines. You pay a fixed amount every month for the modules that you are using. For rental clients there is no annual support fee.

Perpetual Licence
The perpetual licence is for larger airlines and those which require a lot of customisation. Perpetual licence clients pay an annual support fee based on a percentage of the initial licence. 

We are always willing to interface our software to other systems and customize it to suit your requirements. This work is undertaken on a fixed price basis. 

Acrobat is easy to use and there is on-line help. For most users, one or two days formal training is sufficient. The exception is pairing and roster generation which requires a number of formal sessions interspersed with practical exercises. This work is charged per man day.

We will require a network connection to the Acrobat server so we can support you from a distance. This is best provided through a permanent internet connection. A firewall or VPN concentrator is required to create a secure link or Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the internet connection. The VPN should be IPSec LAN-to-LAN.