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About us
We are an independent software company, formed in 1991 and specializing in airline systems. Our software is designed to be adapted to fit the needs of each user airline. Thus we are able to supply tailor-made systems for the price of off-the-shelf packages.

At Acrobatico, we make the software fit the airline - not the other way around.

It isn't enough to produce flexible, powerful and reliable software. Users need a responsive support team, able to give advice on how to tackle new situations and to implement solutions - all within a time frame which meets the operational need.

At Acrobatico, we know that a speedy, informed response to users' questions and requirements is essential. That's why our software developers are also our client support advisers.

Monthly rental starts at 1,000 GBP for Acrobat Crew Records.
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Our systems have simple hardware requirements and installation.
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Our clients are involved in every kind of flying - scheduled and charter, executive, short and long-haul, passenger and freight.

A map of selected routes flown by our clients to/from the UK is on Contact us.


Acrobat Crew Records  

Contains all the features needed for the efficient management of the airline and the satisfaction of the regulatory authorities.

Acrobat Crew Management  

Extends the Crew Records system to include generation of patterns/pairings, automatic rostering and much more.

Optional modules within either of the core crew systems include:



Airline Tickets     Crew Briefing
  Fatigue Analysis     Crew Requests
  APIS & e-Borders     Cosmic Radiation
Acrobat Flight Ops  

Displays a graphical overview of flights and maintenance with intuitive editing features and access to details of stations and aircraft.

Optional modules within ops control include:

     Maintenance Checks
  Flight Following
  Quote Ops